Adler Dental has high standards of cleanliness and we are now taking extra measures to keep our staff and patients safe. We are committed to your safety we are following all recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and American Dental Association.

  • We have implanted high standards of infection control:
  • Our staff will be wearing scrubs, gowns, a face shield, an N95 mask with another mask over it.
  • We have 4 IQ Air machines, one in every room which purifies the air in seconds.
  • Every day we take the staff's temperature.
  • Every staff member is wearing a Freeband, a hand sanitizer bracelet which can dispense hand sanitizer at any moment.
  • Every patient will be asked COVID-19 related questions, will be asked to fill out a form, and get their temperature taken.
  • Every patient is required to wear a mask until they sit in the chair.
  • Every patient is required to rinse with Peroxyl which cleanses the mouth of any bacteria