Crown Restorations

Damaged teeth make it hard to smile with confidence. At Adler Dental, we understand patients in need of restorations want a treatment that will look great and last for years. We help you achieve your ideal smile and enjoy improved self-esteem with aesthetic dental crowns in Manhattan. If one or more teeth of your teeth are damaged, we welcome you to call our office today and learn more about how our dentists can restore your smile to full health and beauty.

When Dental Crowns are Necessary

Dental crowns are recommended when much of the visible portion of your tooth has decayed or been physically damaged in an accident; however, the rest of the tooth's structure, such as the roots and pulp, are unaffected. Crowns are applied to protect your tooth, prevent the spread of bacteria, and provide renewed strength for biting and chewing. Dr. Adler and Dr. Moed may recommend a dental crown in any of the following circumstances:

Large cavities
Extensive cracks or fractures
Advanced decay
Weakened teeth

To prepare the affected tooth for a crown, dental enamel is buffed away. This creates a small post from the natural tooth that the crown is permanently bonded over. When tooth-colored materials are used, your restored smile will look and feel natural. As this process removes much of the existing tooth structure above the gum line, crowns are only recommended when dental issues are moderate to severe.

Alternatives to crowns for minor repair: fillings, veneers, bonding, onlays, and inlays.

Aesthetic and Durable Crown Restorations in Manhattan, NY

Your crowns should blend seamlessly with your surrounding teeth, matching their shade. When restoring any tooth, it is our goal to ensure your smile looks as pleasing as possible and that you are able to maintain normal dental function. When restoring front teeth, aesthetics are of particular importance; no one wants to have a tooth that looks obviously different from other visible teeth. For back teeth, strength and longevity are of the utmost concern; crowns placed here should be durable enough to withstand pressure from chewing and even teeth grinding, if patients experience bruxism.

At Adler Dental, our cosmetic and restorative dentists provide completely tooth-colored, strong, and metal-free crowns. We offer e-max dental prosthetics, which are valued by dental professionals and loved by patients for their lasting strength and stunning aesthetics. These crowns are also biocompatible, making them gentle on soft tissue and less prone to create sensitivity or inflammation.